Sombra Sol, Adrian Davison (1994)

thumbnail_mensSombra Sol, Adrian Davison (1994)
Mens Rea (1994)
Bassist: Adrian Davison

One of the masters of two-handed tapping and beautiful solo bass compositions. Adrian’s has become some what of an enigma these days, which is quite incredible as the internet is meant to “have  everything”. He did retire at some point in the mid 90’s due to a hand injury but there was talk of him re-releasing some of his earlier stuff around 2001. There are still some sound bytes to be found on his website and there are CD’s and instructional DVD’s for sale on ebay from time to time.

If you grew up playing bass and you loved the technical stuff in the late 80’s and early 90s you would remember the big 4 of that bassscene. Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Randy Coven (RIP) and Adrian Davison.

Would love to know what he is up to these days?


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