Melbourne School of Guitar Making Open Day

1891290_1519537268350918_3071028577786659442_n.jpgSo I had a visit to the newly opened Melbourne School of Guitar Making for their open day today. As soon as I heard about this new school I was very excited. These guys have been teaching instrument construction for many years and have a great new setup/workshop in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I spoke briefly with one of the teachers, David Searle, and had a look at some of the beautiful bass guitars he has built. Really nice bloke and knows his stuff. They are taking bookings at the moment for their next run of classes so if you are interested in building your own bass from scratch (or perhaps a guitar??), contact them, find a time that suits you and jump on down to Croydon and get building your dream bass.
Just give David a call on 0438831363 or find them on FB Melbourne School of Guitar Making on Facebook

David (L) and Myself with one of the basses he has made.

I personally will be signing up and starting construction of a new custom bass guitar in the next few weeks and will keep the Bass AU page updated on my progress. I have designed several custom basses in the past and done small bits of construction and finishing, but I have never fully completed the entire process myself. The plan so far will be a hybrid of my, Barry Cowen built, 32 fret J bass and the 37 fret, Brendan Casey built, 8 string I currently own.

I am still undecided on a few of the details, but at this stage I am thinking it will be around 36 fret length (fretless), single J. Body similar to my 8 string. Bolt on. I am still undecided whether to go headless or traditional tuners.

Anyway I’ll keep posting updates as I start sketching and planning the design.


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