Pedulla-Mark Egan 40th Anniversary Signature Bass

In 2015 to celebrate their 40th Anniversary Pedulla re-released some of their legendary models. In this clip jazz legend Mark Egan talks about his 40th Anniversary Signature Pedulla bass.

(taken from
To help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of M.V. Pedulla Guitars (1975-2015), the Mark Egan Signature model has been re-issued – but with some modern features that weren’t available in the original. The Anniversary Edition Mark Egan bass is a 5-string with 19mm string spacing and has a body shape similar to the MVP model but with a slightly thinner neck, no heel, and the treble horn cut slightly lower. This limited edition bass guitar has a greater than AAAAA grade Flame Maple, an Ebony fingerboard, Pedulla’s Bartolini PJ pickups and electronics, a bone nut, and a Finger Ramp. It can be ordered as fretted or fretless (fretless with or without fretlines and/or dots or with Pedulla’s Custom Sideline option), with choice of hardware color (black, chrome or gold) and in any current Pedulla finish color.      


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