Yamaha Attitude III – Factory Tour w/Billy Sheehan

Back in 2012 Yamaha released a mini web documentary featuring Billy Sheehan talking in depth about his Signature model Attitude Limited III Bass along with a guided tour of the Yamaha factory in Japan. The videos cover all aspects of the construction process from concept to final inspection. So if you missed it when it came out a few years ago this is a great series to watch if you are a fan of Mr.Sheehan, Yamaha basses or just interested in Bass manufacturing. Enjoy.

(from the Yamaha Corporation Youtube channel)
Billy Sheehan takes us to Yamaha guitar factory tour to introduce his signature model, Yamaha Attitude Limited 3. Billy breaks it down to show how carefully the instrument is manufactured and amount of details put into it. His factory tour follows the bass from being sllabs of woods in the beginning to final inspection/packing process.



Pt. 2 includes A.R.E., assembly of body, miter bolting, installation of double action truss rod and fret wiring.


Pt. 3 includes sanding, finish, fret dressing and final assembly.



Pt. 4 includes inspection and packing.


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