Addicted to that Rush, Mr.Big (1989)

mr_big-addicted_to_that_rush_s.jpgAddicted to that Rush, Mr.Big (1989)
Mr.Big (self-titled)
Bassist: Billy Sheehan
Equipment Used: 
Modified Rose Blue Yamaha BB3000S

Addicted to the Rush is the opening track off Mr.Big’s self-titled debut album released in June 1989. The album reached #46 on the Billboard top 200 rock chart and ‘Addicted to that Rush’ as a single reached #39 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The first Mr.Big album has always been overshadowed by the groups second album ‘Lean into it’ and the success of the worldwide hit ‘To Be With You’. However this first album is full of solid songwriting, some tasty unison guitar and bass leads and most importantly some awesome classic ‘Wild Bill’ bass lines.

Yamaha BB3000S

The tune became a regular in the Mr.Big live set and over the years and progressed over time into a duel/jam scenario for both Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan to display their amazing arsenal of chops. Now if you can’t track down the original sheet music anywhere (n.b~those Mr.Big Bass books are getting hard to find these days) there is a reasonably accurate version on Big Bass Tabs website.

Below are 3 version of the song and it shows how it progressed over the years from a slick studio rock song into a live technical showcase.

The original studio version and music video

Live in Japan 1993

Live in Budokan 2009


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